Club Trip to Ireland 2019

Club trip to Ireland 20019


Pictures followed by Penny’s excellent poem

Cornwall Simmental Club trip to Ireland

The Cornwall club, and friends, gathered like swallows

For their annual trip ‘far away’

This year to the ‘Emerald Isle’ and 

To Athlone we were destined to stay

Off the plane ,on the bus and to Dermotstown

 Home of ‘Del Boy’ that good A.I.Sire

Chris White welcomed us to his small herd

And showed us fine cattle we all could admire

We got a soaking with good Irish rain

Then ‘dripped’ in their kitchen for a drink

We had wonderful warm hospitality

But were so damp we thought we might shrink !

On Sunday we travelled to Tullamore 

A show of cattle to gladden your heart

Class after class of great animals

Running smoothly, stewards playing  their part 

One of our party, Chairman, dear Barrie

The Young Handlers to judge he was asked

It was all a bit ‘ last minute’

But ‘suited’ he coped so well with the task

For one family, a show to remember

Garret Behan’s  Clonagh herd swept the board

Winning male, female and overall champion

Years of breeding and hard work reaped reward

We met many old friends, some new

In that special friendly Simmental way 

Sharing our real passion for the breed

An ‘addiction’ that forever will stay

On Monday we travelled to Hillcrest

Meeting the ‘unique’ man  Padge Mulhare 

We were shown the herd’s beautiful cattle

High on the farm in the warm August air

The views were absolutely stunning

The cattle looked great on the green

With acres and acres to graze on 

A most peaceful sight there to be seen

We were generously treated to a pub lunch

Learning more about our host as we chat

He’s a passion for Drama and Antiques

And good ‘Simmies’,no doubt about that

Due to ill health all cattle are to be sold

At a sale I’m sure many will be 

With a chance to buy excellent cattle

Another ‘end of an era ‘sad to see

We travelled then on to the Coose herd

Meeting John Tuohy and his son at the farm

Our jaws dropped with a fair bit of envy 

At the sight of his building, No stone Barn !

But an array of sparkling metal barriers

 Gates, and concrete, yards and more gates !

Lovely cattle all grazing quietly, unaware of

 The luxury accommodation that awaits

We saw some very smart females and young bulls

That many would like to take home

We were joined by some other breeders

From farms far and wide they had come

The herd is a herd ‘going places’

With a young man incredibly keen

If the cattle are as good as his building

They’ll be the best that anyone’s seen!

The Tuohy family laid on a grand BBQ

For us and the folk from elsewhere

A wonderful feast with conversation

Discussing the problems all beef breeders share

All the laughter and friendship and chatter

Made our short visit to Ireland such fun

Thank you so much, we hope you’ll visit Cornwall

  Land of Cream teas and Pasties and Sun 

…..(and some very good Simmentals !!)

Penny Lally August 2019

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