Chegwidden Lucky

For sale: Dob 25 /3/20

Sire Chegwidden Fergal Gallant (sireTiger Gallant dam Christmas carolSire Omorga Volvo  ) dam Chegwidden Belle (sire Chegwidden Theodore gsAgardsley Bruno gd Ryall Christina ) 

Lovely quiet bull great locomotion and temperament. Closed herd,  Elite Herd Health Status since 2011 , TBCHECHS minimum 10years . 

Tel 07831 834013  

Chegwyden Lucky

Chegwidden Simmentals Heifers and bulls for sale 2020

 we are Elite Herd Health status since 2011 accredited free of BVD  IBR  LEPTO and Johnes 1 and TB CHeCHS minimum 10 years 

Chegwidden Kissy Weenie Woo
Dob 12th May 2019
Chegwidden Florence’s Karenza 
Dob 18th June 2019
Chegwidden Havana’s Kasablanca
Dob 27th February 2019
Chegwidden Belle’s Karina 
Dob 28th April 2019 

Chegwidden Simmentals have the following Bulls for sale :

Chegwidden Joseph

Dob: June 18

Sire: Chegwidden Fergal Gallant(Tiger Gallant)

dam: Chegwidden Tilly.

 Elite Herd Health status TB CHeCHS minimum 10 years  

Chegwidden Jonty

Dob: June 18

Sire : Chegwidden Fergal Gallant (Tiger Gallant)

dam : Chegwidden Beenie  Weenie Woo (Ashland’s Tornado).

Elite Herd Health  status(since 2011) TB CHeCHS minimum 10 years 

Semen for sale.

Killiworgie Simmentals

have the following semen for sale:

Lakeside Warrior.

For Uk sales only. £ 10.00 per straw. No levy

Sire: Kilbride Farm Newry

easy calving

Lakeside Warrior

Killiworgie Emperor

UK sales only. £ 15.00 per straw. no levy

Sire: Auchorachan Wizard

We advise for use on cows only.

Killiworgie Emperor

Islavale Jerico.

available for export. £ 25.00 per straw. no levy

Sire: Ranfurly Confederate

His figures are just above average for calving and we expect his 1st calves in the Autumn.

Islavale Jerico