Chegwidden Simmentals

Chegwidden Simmentals have the following Bulls for sale :

Chegwidden Joseph

Dob: June 18

Sire: Chegwidden Fergal Gallant(Tiger Gallant)

dam: Chegwidden Tilly.

 Elite Herd Health status TB CHeCHS minimum 10 years  

Chegwidden Jonty

Dob: June 18

Sire : Chegwidden Fergal Gallant (Tiger Gallant)

dam : Chegwidden Beenie  Weenie Woo (Ashland’s Tornado).

Elite Herd Health  status(since 2011) TB CHeCHS minimum 10 years 

Semen for sale.

Killiworgie Simmentals

have the following semen for sale:

Lakeside Warrior.

For Uk sales only. £ 10.00 per straw. No levy

Sire: Kilbride Farm Newry

easy calving

Lakeside Warrior

Killiworgie Emperor

UK sales only. £ 15.00 per straw. no levy

Sire: Auchorachan Wizard

We advise for use on cows only.

Killiworgie Emperor

Islavale Jerico.

available for export. £ 25.00 per straw. no levy

Sire: Ranfurly Confederate

His figures are just above average for calving and we expect his 1st calves in the Autumn.

Islavale Jerico