August Newsletter 2020

August Newsletter 2020

Dear British Simmental Pedigree and Commercial Breeders,

The Cornwall Simmental Club committee has made the following decisions respecting the current social distancing measures.

  • The A.G.M. usually held in November is cancelled and the current officers and committee members have agreed to continue until November 2021
  • All subscriptions paid by pedigree and associate members for 2020 will be rolled over until November 2021
  • Any new member subscriptions paid during 2020 will be due for renewal in November 2021
  • The Club will approach the Society requesting sponsorship for the 2020 Suckler Calf Sales held by Lodge and Thomas, Truro Market in October for the top priced lots. The club will offer a financial incentive for the purchasers of the top priced lots in each of the four classes. No judging will take place this year. 
  • There will be no herd competition this year and an on-line photographic competition held instead. Mrs Judy Borlase has kindly agreed to judge. There are no entry fees and classes are open to all pedigree and commercial breeders resident in Cornwall. Members and non-members of the Cornwall Simmental Club are invited to participate to celebrate the British Simmental breed and quality cattle our county produces.

Yours sincerely

Bridget Olds Secretary Cornwall Simmental Club

On- line Photographic Competition to be judged – 1.10.2020.


Class 1 – Stock Bull born before 1.1.2019. with progeny 

Class 2 – Bull born on or between 1.1.2019 and 30.6.2019

Class 3 – Bull born on or between 1.7.2019 and 31.12.2019.

Class 4 – Bull born on or after 1.1.2020.

Class 5 – Cow any age in calf or with calf at foot (separate or combined pictures of cow/calf allowed)

Class 6 – Heifer born on or between 1.1.2018 and 30.6.2018.

Class 7 – Heifer born on or between 1.7.2018 and 31.12.2018.

Class 8 – Heifer born on or between 1.1.2019 and 30.6.2019.

Class 9 – Heifer born on or between 1.7.2019 and 31.12.2019.

Class 10 – Heifer born on or after 1.1.2020. 

Commercial class entries to be sired by pedigree Simmental Bull

Class 11- Commercial Cow 

Class 12 – Commercial steer or heifer born 2019

Class 13 – Commercial steer or heifer born 2020

Class 14 – Amusing photo involving Simmentals not entered in previous classes

Pedigree Male, Female and Commercial Champions as well as an Overall Champion will be selected from the winners of each Class.


  1. Please include just the Class, Name of Animal and DOB in the file name.
  2. Maximum of three entries per Class.
  3. No professional photographs and the shot must be a recent, natural photograph of just the animal.
  4. Please e-mail, or forward via Facebook Messenger your photographs to Barrie by 15.09.2020.
  5. We reserve the right to amalgamate classes if needed.

Any enquiries to Barrie our Club Chairman

mobile: 07590 501096 or e-mail

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