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J Buckland

Trewella Farm




TR19 6AA


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Club Chairman: Mr.J Buckland +4401736 360157

Club Secretary: Mrs. B Olds     + 44 01326 340976


Our trip this year was to Wales .We were treated to amazing hospitality and super cattle. We were based in Carmarthen and Aled Davies organised our itinerary .Our friendly coach driver Allan kept us amused in between herds.

Day 1 First up was Cwarre Herd with Debbie Cumming, a small but quality collection of super animals including lovely heifers. Then off to Aled Davies and the Hirwain Herd. We saw great cows and a very nice bull calf. There was an absence of heifer calves! much to Aled’ s dismay . His bulls destined for Stirling were looking very smart. We were treated to a lovely supper and plenty of chatting as the evening drew in.

Day 2. Off in the bus to the Welston herd and Anthony and Lesley Davies a large, organic, mainly grass fed and finished, herd. The cattle were a content, beautiful and uniform collection commercially farmed and gave us much food for thought. A fantastic lunch in their beautiful house was an absolute treat and very much enjoyed. Then ,off to Dewsland Herd where Mark and Emma proudly showed us their cattle and it was lovely to see their enthusiasm for their developing herd. We enjoyed a delicious tea on a sunny afternoon with the family including a very new baby.

Day 3. We drove ourselves to Eirian and Delyth Lloyd and their Gerawil Herd. The small but super herd of cattle included some spectacular cows. We sat in the sun enjoying tea and cake before setting off again. After climbing to 1,000 feet we reached Gethyn and Enfys with their Crugmelyn Herd. We were shown their super cattle accompanied by some pet lambs, and even Elvis ! there was a very smart bull calf amongst them , ‘Gruff’, one to watch. We were also given a demo of how to halter break and lead calves with their donkey. Enfys and family provided an amazing roast lunch and the most delicious puddings ! This delightful and generous family gave us all a beautifully presented gift of some daffodil bulbs for us to plant and enjoy in the spring. After travelling down long narrow lanes we arrived at Kitty and Bryan Raymond where Dylan showed us their few but beautiful animals soon to be sold at their dispersal. Some members were keen to return for the sale .The farm was immaculate and we enjoyed a lovely tea with their young family treating us like very special guests. We were loathed to leave as we were enjoying their company and the place but a long journey home was approaching.

Without a doubt we had a fabulous visit to our Welsh Simmental friends , impressed by their cattle and appreciating their kind hospitality.

Penny Lally Sept.2015

Going ‘Commando’ in Carmarthen

(Cornwall Simmental Club on tour 2015)

The Cornish Club were woken by a noise ‘to wake the dead’

At 6.20 in the morning  ‘twas alarming must be said

The Boars Head in Carmarthen ,a lovely old Hotel

Set off the fire alarm full throttle, was it real? We could not tell

So hurriedly we left our beds and threw some garments on

And rushed down the steep old stairs in the Main Street to throng

Some did not even bother as they saw no flames or smoke

But should there have been, they might not have seen the joke

So there we were ,no knickers ! trousers, jumpers grabbed  in haste

No glasses , bags or make up, stood outside our Hotel base

When established it was a ‘false alarm’ ,back to bed again

Till much laughter over breakfast glad Boars Head was not aflame !

Penny Lally Sept.2015