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J Buckland

Trewella Farm




TR19 6AA


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Club Chairman: Mr.J Buckland +4401736 360157

Club Secretary: Mrs. B Olds     + 44 01326 340976

2017 Herd Competition Results – Judge Gethin Lloyd (Crugmelyn)

Best Bull Calf born in 2017;

1st Killiworgie Ironman 17

2nd Bosahan Inferno 17

3rd Sowenna Ivor 17

Best Junior Bull born on after 1st October 2016 – 31st December 2016

1st Bosahan Halzephron 16

2nd Killiworgie High Five 16

Best Stock Bull

1st Sperrin View Director  (Wellatree)

2nd Killiworgie Emperor    (Killiworgie)

3rd Skerrington Armada   (Bosahan)

Best Heifer Calf born in 2017

1st Killiworgie Chrissie’s Izzie

2nd Wellatree Iva Spot

3rd Bosahan Isadora Velia


Best Junior Heifer born on after 1st October 2016 – 31st December 2016

1st Killiworgie Buttercup’s Hemara

2nd Wellatree Hermione

3rd Bosahan Heather Blossom

Best In-calf Heifer (due to calve before the age of 3).

1st Wellatree Gem

2nd Killiworgie Glamorous Gilly

3rd Bosahan Gracie Venus

Best Cow

1st Bosahan Cruz Velia

2nd Dinton Henrietta 6th

3rd Killiworgie Gracie’s Camelia

Best Commercial Calf born in 2017

1st Sowenna  2nd Treverbyn  3rd Wellatree

Best Young Stock

1st Wellatree 2nd Killiworgie 3rd Treverbyn

Best Small Herd

1st Treverbyn    2nd Rosewin

Best Large Herd

1st Killiworgie   2nd Bosahan   3rd Wellatree

Best Herd Overall

Winner: Killiworgie   Runner Up:  Treverbyn

Judge’s Award:

Rosewin for the quietest cattle

Most Points Competition 2017 over 6 one day shows

1st Treverbyn 44 points

2nd Wellatree 39 points

3rd Bosahan  23 points